Spam Fries with Key Lime Dip: A Perfect Munchies Hit

A little bit of excitement occurred recently — I just had my first piece of fiction published in an anthology!

It’s a short story titled “Ganja Ghosts” — about, well, smoking the you know what in Singapore. And it’s appeared in a lovely book called “The Marijuana Chronicles,” edited by the brilliant artist and bestselling mystery writer Jonathan Santlofer.

In addition to Jonathan, there are stories in there by Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child and more. To say I’ve been thrilled would barely even begin to describe it. And yes, all of you should absolutely run right out now and buy a copy!

So, it seemed like a celebration was in order — and thankfully, my Let’s Lunch mates were on board. For this month’s lunch date, we decided to share our ideas for perfect “munchies” …

Now, I should note that I’m a big nerd when it comes to naughty substances. But I do understand the food cravings that can hit — something salty for the mouth perhaps, all the better if it’s crunchy and fried. All of this made me think of these out-of-this-world Spam fries I first tried in Singapore a few years ago.

Those fries at Wild Oats — a low-key bar with delicious finger food by fusion chef Willin Low — were perfectly done. Crispy and salty and especially tasty with generous swipes of the kaffir lime dip that Willin offered on the side.

I’ve thought of those fries often — usually when I’m feeling snacky. So when I was thinking up the perfect munchie, Spam fries it was.

This dish is insanely easy to make — just cut up Spam in the shape of fries, deep fry them and serve with home-made lime mayo. I didn’t have kaffir leaves on hand so I made my lime mayo with key lime juice instead. (Anything that reminds me of Key West makes any dish all the better, after all.)

How were they? Let’s just say the fries disappeared in about the time it might take you to feel like firing up something new. And the next time I get snacky again, I’ll have this recipe below.



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Spam Fries with Key Lime Mayo


  • 1 can of Spam or Ma Ling brand luncheon meat
  • 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 large egg
  • 3 TB key lime juice (This is the brand you should use: Nellie & Joe’s.)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying


Mix egg, key lime juice, salt and pepper well in a food processor. While it’s running, very slowly add in olive oil. Keep mixing until the consistency is as you’d like it. (Recipe adapted from Chubby Hubby.)

Cut spam up into thick fries. Heat up enough oil in a heavy pan for deep-frying until it’s hot but not quite smoking. Drop “fries” in and cook until they’re just starting to turn brown. Note: This happens fairly quickly if your oil is hot so watch your fries very carefully so they don’t burn.

Serve immediately with key lime mayo on the side.



22 thoughts on “Spam Fries with Key Lime Dip: A Perfect Munchies Hit

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  5. Congratulations on the story; so exciting!

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually not sure I’ve ever had Spam. Deviled ham when I was a kid, yes, but I can’t remember trying Spam. This definitely looks like the way to go, though; what gorgeous looking fries!

    • Well, Spam certainly is an acquired taste. I’ve loved it since I was a kid — my mother uses it in fried rice and that’s a big love of mine now, too! (And thanks for the congrats!)

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  7. What an interesting snack this is! Who woulda thought?!?! It reminds me of my parents’ favourite Sunday night dinner of scrambled eggs with fried ‘voosht’ (kosher wurst) which was sooooo good, and I guess this is just a more gourmet version (i.e. egg white coating and REAL mayo)!! Thanks for the great recipe Cheryl, and congrats on a MOST fantastic contribution to The Marijuana Chronicles. x

  8. As a product of Hawaii, this concept is both mind-blowing and wildly intriguing. I must try at once!

    I also adore how you’ve made your wasabi mayo – literally – from scratch. I will probably just cheat and use kewpie mayo :)

    Thanks for the recipe!

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