Indian Coffee House (Shimla, India): Breakfast.

One of my absolute favorite photographers (and people) is on the road, wending his way through lesser-known India as I write this.

As much as I miss my dear friend Jesse when he’s off on these trips, I always look forward to seeing what treats he sends back. The first batch that arrived were of a gem of a coffeeshop in Shimla — a little place called Indian Coffee House that looks tightly swaddled in a bygone time and serves up terrific breakfasts.

With Jesse’s blessing, I’m sharing his photos with you. And I’ll let him tell you what transpired one morning in Shimla …

“Breakfast at Indian Coffee House in Shimla …

The man in the doorway is the waiter, Baghirath. Take note of his hat.

This is a masala dosa …

… and Special Coffee, which means you get some serious cream. I had two Special Coffees. The tab came to 85 rupees or roughly U.S. $1.75.

Also, there’s a fly on the table in the napkin shot. Bon appetit!”

To check out Jesse Pesta’s photos or journalism, go to:


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